Understanding ‘Value’ In Stud Fees

Language concerning the concept of value is used freely and loosely throughout our society. Usually, such language is, at best, ambiguous, and rarely does it delve into the specifics of what defines ‘value’. From automobiles to mutual funds, everyone claims to be selling something with extraordinary value, although few...

Speed, Stamina, And Genomic Research

The following was written and sent to us by Joseph Appelbaum, a successful NY-based pinhooker and bloodstock consultant. It seems clear that the next frontier in thoroughbred breeding will be based on genomic research. However, I don¹t think this advance will be of great significance. Why not? The crux...

Stamina And The Maternal Influence

Is Stamina Crucial to Future Success? As long as there is horse racing, the debate will go on: What traits are most important in successful broodmares? There are those who are adamant about a mare’s female family, refusing to consider those without significant black-type on their catalog pages. Others...

Bruce Lowe’s Figure System

Classification systems are not synonymous with substantiated theory. Theory and class are meant to be exclusive of one another with classification systems acting as a mechanism by which information can be organized during theory development. To interchange the two can only lead to a false validity, even in scenarios...

Stallions Entering Stud Between 1994 And 1997: Where Are They Now?

Intuitively, most breeders know that the odds are stacked against a stallion ever becoming a long term success. If asked, most of us can rattle of a long list of failures that were quickly exported from central Kentucky, usually landing in regional markets or foreign countries. The irony then...

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About Jason hall

A lifelong student of bloodstock topics as well as being an active owner and breeder, Mr. Hall advocates the importance of empirical research to identify truth in breeding practices.

His articles have appeared in such magazines as The Blood-Horse, Thoroughbred Times, The Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred, The Texas Thoroughbred, The Homestretch, Illinois Racing News, Hoofbeats, The Louisiana Thoroughbred and El Caballista. Mr Hall holds a degree in journalism from Boise State University

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